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about me <3

any pronouns
nineteen (19)
libra , slytherin
intj-a , simp

KINS : katsuki bakugou, tooru oikawa, denki kaminari, chat noir, keigo takami, bolin, bucky barnes, wanda maximoff, geralt of rivia, dean winchester, diluc ragnvindr

COMFORTS : tamaki amajiki, eijiro kirishima, chat noir, dean winchester, geralt, loki laufeyson, thor odinson, kotarou bokuto

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discord : diluc tiddy#7501 (space included)
if you do add me, let me know you came from my carrd please <3

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bnha, hq, marvel, atla, lok, supernatural, fma, witcher, genshin, demon slayer, mlb + more

i will glady go on a rant about any of these fandoms with you, so please if you wanna talk about 'em don't be shy !!

important carrds

• help lebanon
• anti asian violence resources
• around the world
• black lives matter

• help palestine
• stand with hong kong
• yemen crisis
• trans rights
• helping lgbt
• abolish ice